In addition to supplying a range of fish, Handy Carp distribute world class aerators.

Splash Aerator

With high demand from anglers these days, fisheries are forced to stock more and more fish, resulting in very low oxygen levels at certain times ot the year. This can stress the fish out and  could even cause a fish kill in your pond or lake. Not only will the splash aerator prevent this, it will keep the fish feeding throughout this period resulting in greater fish growth rates.

Main Features

Waterproof motor.
Light weight (can be moved in and out of the pond/lake with ease).
Made from stainless steel and high intensity plastics (excellent corrosion resistance).
Energy efficient.

The Splash Aerator being used in one of my own stock ponds.


Splash aerator
£550.00 plus vat and delivery

Paddle wheel aerator
 £600.00 plus vat and delivery