Grenvilles Carp syndicate

The second stocking in december 2003 consisted of 224 of the prettiest scaly carp we've ever seen from renowned fish farmer Andy Parker. These averaged just 5 pound but to this day we have to our knowledge only lost 1 of these fish to mortality. They are currently reaching just under 24 pound but this is only half the story. These fish are well proportioned and scaly, from perfect zip linears to dazzling fully scaled mirrors. These fish are sought after for their appearance and are starting to make big weights too!

Paul Ward

Milton Abbas Carp syndicate

I first stocked fish from handycarp in July 2004 these quality scaly three year Old carp averaging 4.8 lb the largest of these is now just over 20lb (07) with the majority mid to upper doubles. The losses are minimal. I have lost just 3 out of the first stocking of 125 fish. I have since stocked two more batches (05and06) and these to seam to be doing really well.

These fish are the future of my fishery!

Wayne Little

Coking Farm fishery

I contacted Andy in the summer of 2004 with my plans to develop my farm into a fishery. He was very helpful with his advice on lake design and stocking (free of charge).I now have 3 lakes average size 3 acres .woodland is a specimen lake we stocked in 2005 with some of Andy's 3, 4 and 5 year old carp. The lake now has four different thirties and approx. 50 twenties plus doubles. Meadow is our runs water stocking this with 600 three year old carp, most of these are now around the 12-16lb mark and are as tough as they come. Rush lake is our match lake .stocked with carp, Tench, bream, roach and Rudd. Match weights are now reaching 150lb with an average of 40lb many of my anglers comment on the quality of these fish all purchased from handycarp. I have just finished digging two more lakes these will be stocked soon with more fish from Andy.

Chris Lyle

Holgen Farm fishery

I have stocked fish from Andy for the past two years .His 1-2 lb carp are indestructible And fight like tigers. Ordering fish from Andy is easy, just tell him what you want and when you want it, He does all the paper work and tells you a delivery time. Job done.

Ian Heaps

Todber Manor Fisheries

I stocked Big Hayes Specimen lake with 200 of Andy's three year old carp two years ago (2005) averaging 4lb 8oz. The 1st year saw all of these fish go double figures and even after loads of angling pressure are now (2007) averaging at over 15lb. I also stocked 30 four year old Scaly carp at the same time, these are all now between 20lb-25lb and have become prize sort after carp.

John Candy

Scottish Carp Group

Since our first stocking of Andy's fish in late 2005 things have never looked better for the Scottish Carp Group.The fish are stunning to look at which makes a change these days and they grow extremely well even in Scotland with our shorter growing season.We bought C3's at an average size of 5lb as they are the most cost effective being Cormorant proof and very hardy, at the end of their
first yearsome of them were already into double figures which is new to us in
this part of the world! and by the end of their second year some of these fish were in the high double's.I'm really looking forward to the end of 2008 as I'm sure a good few will be over the 20lb mark, you might not think much of this if you live in the sunny southbut if you consider the Scottish record is still under 30lb and 20lb Carp are still thin on the ground even though the SCG has been
stocking fish into it's waters for 20 years it makes these fish very special.We have had a further two batches of these fish from Andy and all are doing very well and each one a joy to catch even at the smaller sizes due to the varietyof scale pattern's from zip linears to fully scaled and don't forget
the commons as they are in a class of their own! as I'm sure if records are to be broken up here in the future it will be one of Andy's commons making headlines!

All in all great service from Andy and fantastic fish.

Saul Gardiner
Chairman, Fishery & Development Manager
Scottish Carp Group.

Shaun Harrison

Congratulations on your incredible strain, they look great and scrap like the clappers.

Shaun Harrison

Park Fishery

Congratulations you have produced some of the best looking scaly carp available and I am  thoroughly looking forward to seeing there progress in the coming years at Park Fishery. I have received so many positive comments from existing and potential syndicate members. I will keep you updated on their progress.

Mark Wickham