Scaly Carp

Here at Handy Carp we have managed to produce a strain of scaly carp second to none.

Choose from zip linear, fully scaled, scattered scaled and big plated English carp.

On the farm we hand grade the carp which we think will go on to be fish for the future. We select these fish for looks, shape and growth and stay on the farm for up to a further 4 years.

The fish are fed a mixture of pellet and cereals, this provides a well
balanced diet, which produces well proportioned fish in immaculate condition.


Here are some examples of the growth rates of my scaly carp once introduced to their new homes.

Stocked winter '04 3lb

September '06 16lb 2oz

Stocked winter '04 3lb

July '06 15lb 10oz

Stocked July '04 3lb

April '07 15lb 8oz

Stocked  July '04 3lb

May '07 14lb 12oz

Stocked July '04 4lb

March '07 14lb 2oz

Stocked July '04 3lb

March '07 15lb 8oz

Stocked July '04 4lb

December '06 16lb

Stocked Nov '06 5lb 15oz

October '07 12lb 7oz

Stocked Nov '06 5lb

November '08 18lb 12oz

These fish have been stocked into some of the best and up & coming fisheries in the UK.

Todber Manor fisheries

Milton Abbas Lake Syndicate

Grenvilles Syndicate

Cress Acres @ Croxley Hall

Scottish Carp Society waters

 (Check out pictures of Handy Carp from these venues and more on the galleries page)