The Service we offer

After the first phone call or email, we will do our up most to help and assist you with the purchase of fish.


Once we have received your order, we net the fish from the appropriate pond. All fish are graded by hand and placed into specially designed fish friendly slings to be weighed, this keeps the fish damage to a minimum. The fish are then placed into shaded holding tanks where they receive a constant supply of oxygenated water.

Pre delivery

Once in the holding tanks the fish are not fed, in order to reduce the stress of delivery.


The fish are transferred into transportation tanks and delivered using pick up and trailer. The vehicle is fully equipped with an aeration system that ensures the fish have oxygen throughout the journey. the oxygen levels are monitored regularly to make certain the fish remain in good health. Once the fish arrive at their destination they are weighed on release into their new water.

From our lakes to yours, the welfare of the fish is our top priority.

Environment Agency section 30 consent

Consent is required o restocking of most fish in this country.
We apply for this on your behalf and a copy of the consent will be delivered with your fish.

To apply for section 30 consent we will need:

Name of pond/lake.
Nearest town.
Grid reference (ordinance survey) e.g. ST 362 761
If you cannot locate the grid reference I can do this for you.

Does the receiving water have an inlet and outlet, is it a canal, river or in the flood plain?

Will keep you up to date with how the section 30 consent is going, delivery date and time.

Fish health checks.

We employ the services of Shaun R Leonard, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, M.I.F.M and lecturer at Sparsholt College to carry out a full health check on a sample fish. The fish health check lab report is then sent to the Environment Agency (EA) in Brampton to be put on file.
When applying for a section 30 Consent the report is accessed by your local EA officer in order to check all health checks are in place and up-to-date .
As a registered fish farm our fish movements and health records are also checked by CEFAS. CEFAS take a sample of our fish for testing for Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC) and Koi Herpes virus (KHV).